Washington, D.C. 2017



Greetings, salutations, and other formalities.

It’s that time of year again–the cold, dreary winter is showing signs of breaking (please indulge me and ignore the heavy snowfall predicted for this weekend), The Master’s is just around the corner, and college students from near and far are flocking to Myrtle Beach for spring break. But not these three college students!

Sorry, wait a second. I should probably back up and explain. First, I’ll show you a picture.

Alex Payne, Isaac Church, Cody McKinney

There are a few things you need to notice about this picture. The first may surprise you: notice the girl wearing the graduation cap and happy face on the right side of the picture. You can only see her head. That’s Morgan. As of October, she’s married to the guy with the green sash on the right, Cody.

<side note> Pictured from left to right is Alex Payne (a ASU alumnus and history teacher whose camera this photo was taken with), me (Isaac Church, in case any of you don’t know that), and Cody McKinney (football and accounting extraordinaire who suffers through the Masters program with me at ASU). The three of us lived together for several years. </side note>

Now, back to the story. For spring break, Morgan decided to abandon her newlywed husband Cody and go on a study abroad to Cuba; although, I can’t say that I blame her. So, Cody and I decided we were going to take a road trip for the week. Our original hopes and dreams of taking an extremely long (but entirely possible – we did the math!) trip to {Boone, NC > Nashville, TN > St. Louis, MO > Kansas City, MO > Denver, CO > Jackson, WY > Yellowstone National Park > Grand Tetons > Mount Rushmore > Badlands > Madison, WI > Milwaukee, WI > Chicago, IL > Indianapolis, IN > Cincinnati, OH > Louisville, KY > Boone, NC} turned out to be too costly, among other things. So, we opted for a safer, shorter, and cheaper trip to Washington D.C. to go museum hopping for several days.

Payne joined our trip about a day or two after this decision, ergo the second reason I showed you the above picture. We booked an Airbnb shortly thereafter, and have been somewhat meticulously planning our trip ever since. Of course, I had to break out the blog once again to record our travels, high levels of food consumption, and other ridiculous events that may occur. I imagine that all three of us will contribute in some way or another to this blog. Payne just got a new camera, so he’ll throw in some pictures, and Cody can tell a story like no other, so be prepared for some potentially entertaining stuff.

This trip is what history-loving, slightly nerdy people live for. So, I take no shame in posting lots of pictures of monuments, historical artifacts, and whatever interesting things we come across. If you’re looking for a blog filled with warm, sandy beaches, look elsewhere for some college students who went to the beach for spring break. Or to Cuba.

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