Church Trip 2021



Itinerary // Notes

Well, it’s almost time to hit the road. It seems like an eternity since we’ve been able to travel, and part of me can’t believe we’re about board a plane for the great American West. Travel is bound to look a lot different, but we’ll deal with the difficulties as we come to them. Here’s one last quick update before we take off:

Our semi-final itinerary looks something like this:

During parts of this trip, we’ll likely be without [quality] internet access for days at a time, so I’ll probably blog on a time-delay. Plus, that gives me more time to edit photos, write, etc…putting out quality content is a rather time-consuming process, I’ve learned. Staying up late to finish posts was more achievable when I was used to pulling all-nighters in college, but those days are long departed. So, if you don’t hear from us for a few days, don’t panic; I’ll get around to sending updates eventually.

Special Segments

Every trip, I write a few specialty “segments” to keep track of interesting things. This trip, I’m going to try to include the following:

Email Update

I’m now sending my email updates through Mailchimp, so the “from” address might have a Mailchimp domain name (previously was from [email protected]). If you’re not getting emails (I sent out a Trip Preview notice at the beginning of June), check your spam folder, and let me know if it continues to be an issue.

If you have any questions or issues, you can send me an email at [email protected].

Conclusion // Subscribe

– Isaac, Faith, Jerry, and Amy

All images are licensed under the Creative Commons licensing system.

9 Responses

  1. I look forward to traveling along with y’all!! I enjoy reading your updates and your awesome pictures. I hope you enjoy your western states trip as much as we did. Have lots of fun along the way!!

  2. Have you ever considered “travel agent” as a second career?
    Looking forward to the photos & commentary.
    Just getting to Salt Lake City may be an adventure in itself! Take care. Love you all. 💕

  3. I’m so excited to travel vicariously through you guys on this trip. We love Yellowstone and you will too. Excited for the updates. Have fun.

  4. Love your opening comments and magnificent Photos! What a glorious choice for a vacation. ♥️

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